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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Its Nisfu Sya'aban day! Clean from everything!! Yay!!

Hi Guys!!!!

Finally, I'm fully recovered from everything!!! Everything!! Now I'm clean physically and mentally.
Welcome back, Sofia! Well, after cleared everything, I can see myself now. Focusing on what I'm doing, and gonna achieve my dream. Well, Today I got text from my colleague, saying the other colleague gave 24hours resignation notice. Well done!! Finally you successfully leave the company. Its my time now to find suitable period to give the notice too!! Hahahaha!!! Well, first and foremost, I NEED TO GET MY CCNA CERTIFICATE!!! So, whoever out there, please please please, gimme some idea, or useful link for my CCNA study. Hurmmm....

But wait....not only that. I've GREAT new,  that my bf gonna come to Peninsular, to meet me. Yeppie!!! And gonna continue my master with him. Probably at UKM. Well, its part of our plan. But who knows what gonna be later. hurmm...let see how...

Well, my bro just come back from USA. Guess what, he bought me Coach handbag. Kekekeke...I wish for nothing, but he gave me something. Thanks Bro for the handbag. Really cute one! hehe.. it is...the bag. Isn't it cute? Just love it..simple and nice. :)

So,,,, this Saturday gonna have birthday party. My nephew birthday party..well, yesterday I'm off, so went to Sunway Piramid to buy his birthday present. He LOVES car and ball, so i decided to buy the car, well....actually I also do LOVE the bought for 50% of each, RM69.90 each. Meaning to say, buy 1 free 1. So I bought 2 cars, which cost RM69.90. Isn't that cheap??

Audi A4 Cabriolet

BMW 750i

Isn't it nice?? well, actually I'm looking for latest cars, but only these available. But nevermind, it still cute. :)

So....this upcoming Sunday is the most important day for my family. My Bro gonna intro his gf to my parents. Well, I need to be least i can get some idea what my parents gonna ask to mt bf later...Hihihi...

Hurrmmm....for now, i need to prepare making milk puding (Dadih) for my nephew's birthday party. Wanna see how it looks like? Here....some Dadih pix...peace yooo!!

 These are Bumble Bee and Traffic Light "Dadih"

 Those are "1 Malaysia Dadih". Why I called it "1 Malaysia Dadih"? Well.....................................................................................................
Its just a name. Muahahahahha. :P

Till then, gonna meet ya next time!! See you soon!! Daa Daa!!!



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