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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Its Nisfu Sya'aban day! Clean from everything!! Yay!!

Hi Guys!!!!

Finally, I'm fully recovered from everything!!! Everything!! Now I'm clean physically and mentally.
Welcome back, Sofia! Well, after cleared everything, I can see myself now. Focusing on what I'm doing, and gonna achieve my dream. Well, Today I got text from my colleague, saying the other colleague gave 24hours resignation notice. Well done!! Finally you successfully leave the company. Its my time now to find suitable period to give the notice too!! Hahahaha!!! Well, first and foremost, I NEED TO GET MY CCNA CERTIFICATE!!! So, whoever out there, please please please, gimme some idea, or useful link for my CCNA study. Hurmmm....

But wait....not only that. I've GREAT new,  that my bf gonna come to Peninsular, to meet me. Yeppie!!! And gonna continue my master with him. Probably at UKM. Well, its part of our plan. But who knows what gonna be later. hurmm...let see how...

Well, my bro just come back from USA. Guess what, he bought me Coach handbag. Kekekeke...I wish for nothing, but he gave me something. Thanks Bro for the handbag. Really cute one! hehe.. it is...the bag. Isn't it cute? Just love it..simple and nice. :)

So,,,, this Saturday gonna have birthday party. My nephew birthday party..well, yesterday I'm off, so went to Sunway Piramid to buy his birthday present. He LOVES car and ball, so i decided to buy the car, well....actually I also do LOVE the bought for 50% of each, RM69.90 each. Meaning to say, buy 1 free 1. So I bought 2 cars, which cost RM69.90. Isn't that cheap??

Audi A4 Cabriolet

BMW 750i

Isn't it nice?? well, actually I'm looking for latest cars, but only these available. But nevermind, it still cute. :)

So....this upcoming Sunday is the most important day for my family. My Bro gonna intro his gf to my parents. Well, I need to be least i can get some idea what my parents gonna ask to mt bf later...Hihihi...

Hurrmmm....for now, i need to prepare making milk puding (Dadih) for my nephew's birthday party. Wanna see how it looks like? Here....some Dadih pix...peace yooo!!

 These are Bumble Bee and Traffic Light "Dadih"

 Those are "1 Malaysia Dadih". Why I called it "1 Malaysia Dadih"? Well.....................................................................................................
Its just a name. Muahahahahha. :P

Till then, gonna meet ya next time!! See you soon!! Daa Daa!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Bored in office!!!!! Help me!! I need WOrKs!!

hello Peeps!!! How you doing! WoW...Wow.......long time no i come... i mentioned before, that i'm gonna upload the pudding i made..LOL....
sorry as i don't have time for uploading those pictures. Well, don't worry, im gonna upload it tonight, to share it with You! =)

Well, as you know, im still working at Chartis, thinking to resign, and find other better job..but my 2nd thought is..better for me to wait up until at least a year...then only gonna JUMP!!! Wippie!!!!

Hmm...Chartis is not that bad, just there's lot lot of rumors...which is i cannot tell whether its true or not. So, lets just enjoy the day. Oh,,,,the good thing bout this company is that, im FREE ON WEEKEND!!! Yeppie!!!! Saturday morning is the best day ever in my life!!! Enjoy the day. :)

Hmmmm.....Next week is school holiday! well, well, well.......guest what? Im OFF!! hahaha....well, just working 3 days, the rest OFF up until 10 JUNE 2012!!!!!! HUWAARGGGGGHHH!!! I WANNA ENJOY TO THE FULLEST!!!! hmm...

As planned, this Friday gonna go Port Dickson, hmmm....and following weeks, gonna go somewhere else...havent decided...hmmm....

Arghhh....IM SOO BORED NOW..HAVE NOTHING TO DO IN OFFICE!!! THATS WHY IM HERE! month gonna be my 1st night shift working.....hope aint no sleep...bha bha bha.....

Okay PEEPS!!!! SEE YA TONIGHT!! Gonna update those well  my cousin's wedding pix yesterday! Lot of FUN FUN FUN!!! Mishhh maa pretty pretty cousin soooo much much much!!! weee....

*i dont know why i feel soo hyper...sooo high*


till then, will continue................

Love, Sofia.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The making of 'DADIH' !!!!!!

Hi Guys!! Meet again!!

Well, im thinking to get side income by selling 'dadih'. It's famous in Malaysia, but im not sure abroad. Its basically a pudding, but we using milk instead of jelly. Also known as milk pudding.

Its still in planning to make it, probably gonna try tomorrow, and sell it on next monday. The ingredients are:

Fresh milk/powder milk
Artificial Color and flavour

well, im gonna do testing...hopefully gonna be nice and yummy...hehe..
till then, will post pictures of the 'dadih' tomorrow...keep in touch...



Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow!! Long time no update my blog..bonjour

Hi Frenz!! Its has been a very long time i didn't update my blog. Haha...just wondering how my blog would be now. As you know, i had changed my career from a bank company to insurance company. From Standard Chartered to Chartis AIG. Well, for your information, i'm newly join here merely a month, so, still under training. Hehe!!

Miss my ex-colleague, they are really helpful and friendly. I love Standard Chartered, but i need to go further. So main reason i'm changing my career, because i wanna gain working experience. Well, not bad new company, at least i got free weekend!!! yeppie!!! 5 days spending time with colleague, and 2 days time spending with Bf and Family..

Well, I'm about to get married probably end of this year or early next year. My concept would be simple wedding, as i'm planning to migrate somewhere else (which need to save some budget for flight,place to stay etc). Currently looking for places to stay and wedding stuff.

Wow, i'd found nice blog to read up. The tips really helpful for me. Simple but with all the details, so for now, i can do some planning to buy wedding stuff, just need to do some survey to get good price with good quality. hehe =)

Okay, for wedding stuff and planning to stay abroad, i'm gonna write it later after i get all things done. Hehe..Coming Soon!!

I'm planning to stay current company up to at least 1 year working, after a year, then only i'm gonna prepare and update my resume for next challenge...hehe.

So now, i'm working base on rotating shift, a month in day, and another at night. Haha!! Well, the allowance for nightshift not bad., next month, on 2nd April, i'm gonna start my first nightshift!! Yay!!

Till then....will continue later as im in office now..hehe...chao...=)

Friday, April 22, 2011

how my career get started... :) ~chapter 1~

Dear to ALL my friends,

It has been 6 months i worked @ Standard Chartered. WoW!! Time passed so fast. So far, this is the best company to work with, but however, i realised that there is no much progress for my position now. I were thinking to further my studies @ nearby School>> Universiti Putra Malaysia. The most famoust universiti with research. Hihi.

Well, i kept thinking to move out from my rental house now, and shift in the nearby house to the UPM. So that, it would be easier for me to go for classes. Hmm...Wish i will get the most comfortable, safer and reasonable price house. much things that i wanna do right now. I need to do some listing, acccording to the priority.

So much things to buy, within less budget. I should think wisely, needed to think doing some side income. I'm a bit messy now. When i go home back to my hometown this weekend, i need to list all the things that come across my mind, like a fire-cracker...KEBABOOOOM!!!!!

WELL WELL WELL!!!!!! Here they are....lets start from now.

A room that nearby UPM
To further my studies
To get better salary/job or increase my working experience.

I wanna try ice-skating
I wanna buy external disk
I wanna buy notebook start from what i need, to buy things that what i want.Hahaha!!!

So, my issue now get a room, further studies, then get better job and better salary. YAYYAY!! Steps to solve the issue. Hihihi...So guys, see yea whenever i felt free...Coz now i am TOOOO FREEE!!! Felt bored, so this pass time (writing blog) came across my mind.

See Yaa!! Take a good care of urself ...


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Okay, be cool sofia. dont panic!!

Okay, listen. Sofia, dont be panic. Just stay calm and start list the monthly expenses. So, here i am... finding out the way to manage my budget. Huhu...

So Friends, here there are........steps to make a budget outline. Haha...

1st- Total monthly gross income.

2nd-Monthly home budget expenses:rent

3rd-Monthly car expenses: gasoline/maintenance/parking

4th-Monthly debts

5th-Monthly family miscellaneous expenses:clothing/groceries/entertainment(gym)/food/health insurance

6th-Total net monthly income

7th-Emergency Funds.

Well, its time to do some budget listing and i need to buy a diary. hihi....1st time ever in my life that i felt i need a diary. Im cool now....hihi...

til be continued..................


I AM BROKE!!!!!!!!!!






Tuesday, February 1, 2011

how my career get started... :) ~chapter 15~

Dear friends,

I'm sorry coz quite a long time i didnt update any posts. Today is my 1st day officially stay at a new rental house. Its a nice place, fully furnished house with additional facilities---swimming pool and gym. But then, the swimming pool is under maintenance now. Hmmm....

So, 1st night in the rental house was fine. Just spending the night watching movies with the owner of the house. The issue now is......i need to drive to go to my office. Hmmm....just wondering how much it will cost for a month. Seems like i need to do some budget list. You know, if i stay at my parents house, the cost is much cheaper. However, it will be tiring as the journey from my parents house to my office took about 2 hours. Hmmmmmm......

So now i was about to calculate the budget during staying at the new house for a month. Im now trying to looking for another job. Hihi....if i had the opportunity, i will go for it. Hihii...

Im now actually in my office 1 hour earlier, afraid of not finding car park. Im thinking, its not that easy to have a car. I dont know why people keep thinking to buy cars. You know, if we had cars, needed to think bout the fuel expenses, car park expenses, traffic jamm, summons etc. Thats why i rather public transport than my own car. hmmmmmmmm......

Omg, i got headache all awhile thinking of these things. Okay, thats all for now. know what, im kinda bored with my job now. Hhihi.....but its okay. Im gonna finish my contract, then chao....hahaha!!!

till be continued..........................